I won't be held responsible..

..she fell in love in the first place

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Hey. I'm Sophie. I'm 15 & a sophomore at MTA. I love Johnny Depp more than anything in the world (other than friends, family, etc.) My iPod is my best friend. I hardly go anywhere without it. My camera is my second best friend, but I go lots of places without it because I suck at taking pictures, and I'm just cool like that. I want to be a photographer but I have no idea where to start. I guess with lighting, but I don't understand it so I guess that won't work. My favorite singer is Bronson Arroyo. My favorite song is The Freshman. It was originally by the Verve Pipe, but now it's by Bronson and he's cool. Currently, though, my favorite song of his has been Black. My bestest chum is Jenel. She's very cool & she does the Johnny thing right along with me. ♥ I also love Photoshop. I'm addicted to it. I LOVE LOVE making icons but I don't think I'm very good at it. People say I am though, but sometimes I have trouble seeing things that way. In my spare time, I work & do homework (hah) & do Johnny stuff. I also hang out with the occasional friend but according to my mom I'm antisocial, so I don't do that much. I also love Googling things, and messing with IMDb. Doing things like figuring out how certain people are connected to Johnny. Clearly I like to ramble. With that, I'll stop. If I interest you, add me and I'll add you back. I love making new LJ friends. :)


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Johnny Depp getting slimed is the female wet dream.

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